Important question for general and concrete contractors and anyone who does construction for a side gig and counts on (or wants to count on) a profitable revenue stream from that contracting:

If there was a step-by-step workshop to help you make and sell high-end concrete countertops to grow your revenue and get a creative recharge, even if you’ve never created or bid one…

Would it give you the confidence you need to get in on the hottest concrete trend before it passes you by?

Here’s the thing…

Concrete countertops offer a high-end look and feel that designers demand in today’s market — because they can customize concrete to odd shaped counters, expressive designs, and…

HGTV is the 4th most watched cable network in America. Homeowners watch HGTV obsessively! It’s essentially an around-the-clock informercial for concrete countertops. (Thank you HGTV!)

Creations by Dylan Myers of Dylan Myers Design in Elkridge, MD, Trained October 2013

Granite fatigue

We’re not going to call granite and laminate countertops the “shag carpet” of home decorating but granite has lost its luster — especially in the high-end market — because it’s so widely used. It’s not “special” anymore. Concrete counter tops, on the other hand, offer an air of exclusivity because they are built to custom specifications.

Creations by Brent Indenbosch of Diamond Finish Concrete Countertops in Chilliwack, BC, Trained February 2014

This isn’t just a hobby, it’s your business

While concrete countertops are hot, dabbling in the latest hip thing is not you. Concrete as a revenue source is YOU. You are creative. And you can’t afford to lose out on high-end jobs because you couldn’t offer custom concrete countertops. 

As with all construction trends — being first in your market gives you an unfair advantage. But there’s only so much you can learn on YouTube. Trial and error costs thousands, takes years, and results in…


The truth is that callbacks hurt your reputation big-time and eat a big gaping hole in your profits. You need to know exactly what you’re doing with concrete countertops before you bid one. Friends don’t let friends dabble.

That’s why we created the

Ultimate Creative Concrete Training

Hi, I’m Jeff Girard, P.E, a licensed professional civil engineer, and I started engineering and building concrete countertops in 1999. I’ve trained thousands of concrete artisans.

Everything I’ve done and learned about materials and methods since then is poured into your training. 

I don’t compete against you selling concrete countertops. I refer all work out to my trained alumni.

My entire focus is training and supporting our concrete artisans and alumni. And I’m proud to share the success of BRAG about our alumni’s creativity here:

“This is the best investment I made for my business. I now feel fully confident that I can produce a quality product for my customers.”

Nathan Smith of Reaching Quiet

Charlotte, North Carolina

“You surround yourself with greatness, and Jeff is one of those people. He’s always there if I have ‘Jeff questions.’ He is of huge value to what we do.”

Drew Teaman of Concrete Commander

Jacksonville, Florida

“Hold on to your hat & concentrate because you are about to be armed with all you need to make truly high quality concrete/GFRC products!!!”

Robbi Pittorino of Pittorino Designs

Sydney, Australia

Imagine that by this July you could:

> Be in high demand confidently building creative concrete countertops in your area.

> Have a waitlist of excited customers.

> Open your own shop to work inside next winter – or work all year round because you’ve got demand for a hot product that you can create no matter what the weather looks like outside.

> Confidently bid and sell concrete countertops using our proven marketing system (we don’t just train you in concrete, we train you to turn it into money).

> Know you’re not alone. Your training doesn’t end when you drive away. We’ve got your back with detailed documentation, a highly active private Facebook Group of fellow concrete artisans, and ongoing alumni support in addition to your live in-person training.

Creations by Justin McRae of Modern Concrete in Arnoldsville, GA, Trained February 2018. Photos of some of his work less than 1 year later.

Create and sell concrete countertops

to high-end custom clients

Five (5) days of hands-on training starts with a solid foundation in GFRC and builds into taking it 3-D and making it look amazing.

The ULTIMATE Creative Concrete Training includes

all three individual courses … and so much more.


– 2-day GFRC & Fabric Forming

– 1-day 3-D Mold Making

– 2-day Advanced Finishes with ECC

> 350 pages of textbooks

> 8 hours of online seminars

> 2 hours of live action videos

> A framed diploma


directly from Jeff Girard


Class projects become part of YOUR portfolio so you hit the ground running when you get home.

No other training offers this depth of content and ongoing support. We are 100% dedicated to YOUR success rather than competing against you in the marketplace.

But this workshop goes even further, far beyond the hands-on

experience to give you what you REALLY need to be successful: 

The knowledge to build a successful countertop business.

To do that:

  • You need to know how to market, sell and price your concrete creations to get top dollar – from the get-go.
  • You need to manage your projects to avoid problems and mistakes that will destroy your profits.
  • You need a complete, turnkey system for BUSINESS.

That’s what’s really going to make you successful, and that’s what you will get with The Ultimate Creative Concrete Training, available only from CCI.

How the Ultimate training class breaks down:

GFRC & Fabric Forming

Day 1 and Day 2

When done right, GFRC is extremely strong, flexible (literally) and durable. Learn how to make GFRC the right way by learning not just how, but why, from an engineer who will teach you sound principles that will give you a solid foundation for your creativity. Only then can you confidently express your own creativity without worrying about callbacks.

Mold making is a critical part of your creative expression. If you can dream it, and you can figure out how to make the mold for it, you can create it with concrete.

Fabric formed molds are a great way to express your creativity, build your reputation – and boost your revenue. If not done correctly, the process is time consuming and can be complex and costly.

You will work with well-designed from-scratch mixes, proper casting techniques, and effective curing methods, and gain the fundamental knowledge to make you successful at creating with GFRC.

Specifically you will learn: 

>> Basic mold making for countertops and integral sinks

>> Sink and faucet layout

>> The complete fabric forming process

>> The from-scratch formula and calculator for a simple, 100% successful, properly engineered, GFRC mix design

>> How to spray mist coat correctly for the best finish

>> How to apply backer coat correctly for the strongest concrete

>> When to use scrim for extra strength

>> Foam coring for even lighter weight

>> Grinding and polishing GFRC

>> How to seal GFRC

>> Detailed list of exactly what products you need (and don’t need) to get started

Resources you will take home:

>> Over 200 pages of extensive reference materials PLUS a 54-page textbook on GFRC

>> 2 hours of live action videos on GFRC – A great refresher/reference to remind you of what you learned in class!

>> 4 hours of GFRC online seminars

>> A diploma

>> Post-class alumni support including a very active Facebook Group of your peers (and Jeff) and regional alumni events

To make the most of your class time, we prepare ahead so you don’t eat up 75% of your class time sanding a fabric formed mold. 

Not ready for the full 5-day package but want to dip your toes in the concrete? Register for 2-day GFRC & Fabric Forming only here:

3-D Mold Making

Day 3

In this class, we will start the day by introducing the design of the concrete creation and its mold, plus the joint layout and cut sheets.

We will make a large, complex, 3-dimensional mold that incorporates a variety of concepts such as curves, angles and connections. The mold will use melamine plus various essential materials such as foam, flexible plastic, fiberglass, etc.

The project will illustrate the fundamental principles of 3-D mold making and the importance of precision and detail. You will go home able to create far more than just a copy of what we did in class.

Specifically you will learn:

>> Mold design considerations based on the look you’re trying to achieve and the mix you’re using

>> How to build complex 3-dimensional molds using simple materials such as melamine, foam, and flexible plastic

>> How to take a project from concept to finished

Resources you will take home:

>> The 80-page Sinks & Molds textbook covering mold making principles as well as various materials and techniques including rubber

>> 3.5 hours of online seminars covering 3-D mold making for both GFRC and Precast projects

>> Detailed information and plans for ramp and vessel sinks, fire features, lounge chairs and more: Ramp Sink Plans, Vessel Sink Plans, Fire Features Online Training, Ridge Fire Pit Plans, Crater Fire Pit Plans, Cube Table Base Plans, Lounge Chair Plans

>> A diploma

>> Post-class alumni support including a very active Facebook Group of your peers (and Jeff) and regional alumni events

Already confident with your GFRC?

You can register for 3-Molds only here:

Advanced Finishes with ECC

Day 4 and Day 5

The “Wow” Factor

You already understand the fundamentals of mix design and mold making. Here’s where your creations take flight and reputations are made.

Iconic looks have been developed over decades by pioneers such as Buddy Rhodes and Ben Ashby. But you’re not here to imitate, you’re here to learn how to manipulate the mix in ways that create your own signature design.

By diving in right away and getting our hands dirty in concrete, we have time to learn and create 3 amazing projects.

You will leave this training knowing how to press, vein, marbleize, smooth, spray, embed, color, glaze and more.

Specifically, you will learn how to use GFRC and/or ECC to:

>> Press a clay-like mix to create fissures and voids

>> Create amazing veining with a marbled effect that doesn’t imitate but rivals natural stone

>> Hand trowel to create a soft, leathery look and buttery smooth concrete

>> Use diamonds to proceed from cream to salt and pepper to exposed aggregate

>> Spray concrete to create movement and character with variations in tone and texture

>> Use glazes to create subtle tints or dramatic color variation

Besides all of the hands-on experience you will gain, you will take home a diploma and receive dedicated post-class support including a very active Facebook Group of your peers (and Jeff) and regional alumni events.

If you drive to class, take home one of the class projects! (We will draw names if we have more drivers than class projects.) We don’t sell our class projects, they become part of YOUR portfolio.

Already a pro and just looking for the “WOW” factor? Join us for Advanced Finishes with ECC only.

Creations by Brett Carragher of Exclusive Concrete in London, ON. Trained October 2013. Now official CCI Canada site and co-instructor.

You can’t afford to guess

Everyone wishes he or she ALREADY had a reputation and revenue stream from concrete countertops.

But the truth is first-to-market has an unfair advantage in construction trends. This means you need to take stock of where you are THIS MOMENT and what action you take TODAY to set yourself up for success.

Otherwise you run the risk of self-sabotage, stagnate, and quietly resent your competitors who had the courage to take this first step to expand their concrete business revenue and are getting the invites to bid you aren’t.

We don’t want that for you.

We don’t want you to look back in three months, 6 months, or 12 months from now wondering what could’ve been if you only took action TODAY.

“My Facebook has gone from twenty people liking it to almost three hundred within a couple of months, just because we’re promoting concrete countertops.” 

Matt Shields of Ramcrete

Owasso, OK

Dick showed his concrete work to a cabinet maker. "Just based on what he saw in the pictures, he said I’d like to put you in the showroom.”

David Dick of Concrete Alternative

Kingston, Ontario

Peter already has sink displays in two local showrooms. When he shows his work to builders, he is often told, “I didn’t know concrete could look like this.”

Peter Cicalo of HardLife Concrete Design

Manahawkin, NJ

Goodbye guessing game,

hello new revenue stream

Hurry, class size is limited to 12 and we sell out

Choose June 3-7 in London, ON or June 17-21 in Raleigh, NC

Tax Deductible Tuition for New Students: $4985 $4235 (Save $750)

Tax Deductible Tuition for Alumni: $3850 (Save $1,135)

Breakfast, lunch and all class materials are included in the price of tuition


The burning questions your fellow concrete artisans have asked before grabbing their spot in training.

How quickly do I make my investment back?

The average job size for a high-end countertop is $5,000. One kitchen remodel and you’ve made your investment back. The material is only $5 per square foot so your return on investment is huge if you do it right and don’t have callbacks.

When you get the right training in one week – instead of months of trial and error with callbacks and damage to your reputation – together with proven marketing tips, you can start bidding projects as soon as you get home from training.

Do I get to take anything home?

Yes! If you drive to class, take home one of the class projects! (We will draw names if we have more drivers than class projects.) We don’t sell our class projects, they become part of YOUR portfolio.

How much equipment do I have to buy?

The specialty tools needed for creative concrete are minimal. We're talking about $2000 to $3000, not tens of thousands. We give you a list of exactly what you need, which you can source from us or locally. We don't require you to buy any proprietary tools or materials, and we teach you a from-scratch mix design. 

Creations by Caleb Lawson of Price Concrete Studio in Orlando, FL. Trained October 2013.

Let's get this done

Hurry, class size is limited to 12 and we sell out

Choose June 3-7 in London, ON or June 17-21 in Raleigh, NC

Tax Deductible Tuition for New Students: $4985 $4235 (Save $750)

Tax Deductible Tuition for Alumni: $3850 (Save $1,135)

Breakfast, lunch and all class materials are included in the price of tuition